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best post workout nutrition

best post workout nutritionEating required and quality foods after sessions of workout is very much necessary if you want to maintain your stuffs and gain. Muscle building process requires excellent amount of balance between carbohydrates, and proteins. And so selection of best post workout nutrition is very much necessary.

Effective post workout strategies require best product to gain muscle and for that they have to maintain their post workout routine. Athletes or workout people mainly want to achieve three things after post workout-

1) Repair of the damage tissue cells which occurs due to exercise.

2) To lose fat and build muscle in a proper way.

3) Restore their energy efficiency in the body by best post workout nutrition.

Amino Acid muscle growth

When, you are working out hard, your body muscle protein structures breaks down as well as with muscle Glycogen. So, after the exercise your body needs appropriate amount of carbohydrates and proteins to repair and refresh your muscle tissues growth again. In the pursuance to make this you need enough insulin release from your body. Because of your body’s insulin, carbohydrates and amino acids will again be shuttling back in the muscles. And to achieve this best post workout nutrition foods are necessary.

Mainly best post workout nutrition needs two things:

  • Necessary protein for synthesis of protein.
  • To replace muscle glycogen appropriate Carbohydrates which increase the role of insulin in the muscle tissues.


Best proteins to build muscle

There are numerous of proteins in the foods, which can be the answer for post workout foods. Some of the foods are mentioned below-


Beef: Beef is one of the top in the list for muscle building foods or post nutrition food. Beef has a large amount of proteins and minerals in it. Creatine, vitamin and essential amino acids present in the beef which are the essential for body muscle. Added to the list beef also contains saturated fatty acid which can also be a good supplement for muscle growth.


Protein shake: Protein shake is another food to gain more proteins and carbohydrates in order to have a sustained post workout session. A protein shake enhances the carbohydrates level in your body plus it helps in protein synthesis


Nuts: Nuts are full of proteins, fiber and calorie, which are another essential and helpful food for the muscle growth.


High Protein Oats: This is one of the post workout foods for morning trainers. Whey and oats are muscle building staple foods for many days. The balance of carbohydrates and protein blended in the oat meals helps to achieve the muscle tissues to get energy again.


Sweet potato: Many people term potato as only a food to gain fat but no. It can also be helpful after a workout session to refresh the tissues. Sweet potatoes keep the energy level high and produce a large amount of carbohydrate, which enables the insulin storage, which acts within the muscle.


At last but not the least the main thing that should be always maintained is that the more you minimize the fat level in your food, the more fast you will be able to maintain your muscle growth.

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