Focus on Your Cardio Work out If You Are Looking to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

lose fat and build musle

lose fat and build musleGetting into shape can be a real chore, especially if you have let yourself get significantly out of shape. Getting rid of those excess pounds presents a challenge because once they are on they do not want to come off. This is even more of a challenge if you are person who is in their 40s or older. The weight seems to be winning the battle as you continue to add pounds, and you feel like even if you have muscles, they are going to be hidden under mounds of fat cells. It can be quite depressing.

If you are looking to lose fat and build muscle then there is an easy way to gain muscle, but most people simply don’t like to do it. It is time to step up your cardio workout.

Cardio exercises, like running, aerobics, cycling, and using the elliptical are what really helps to burn fat while also building explosive muscle growth at the same time. More calories are burned during your cardio workout than at any other time. This is true because so much of your body is working out at the same time and more energy is needed. This means that fat is burned to supply that added energy.

Think about it for a moment. As you work out your heart beats faster, your muscles all over your body move, you breathe heavier, you sweat, you actually think more, and your digestive system works faster. This causes other systems to increase in production as well. Virtually all of your body is doing something and so more energy is needed. This gives you the ability to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

As you work out you are pumping your arms and legs which helps them to tone and get stronger, especially in your calves. You will see some results within a matter of weeks. You can be sure of this.

A few words about this before you put on your shoes and run out the door. First is that you need to vary your cardio workout. Many begin to lose fat and build muscle right away, but then find that they plateau quickly and no longer see any change. Your body will adjust to the work out and will burn fat more efficiently if your return remains constant. What this means is that you need to change your routine so your body does not get into a routine. Do the stairmaster one day and running the next. If you want to keep running, do sprints one day in addition to a run, and then do a longer run the next day. If you vary the workout you will see better results.

You also need to make sure that you eat correctly and following the right diet plan for gaining muscle if you are going to lose fat and build muscle. Ensure that you eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins, plus drink plenty of water. This will help you to reach your goal of building muscle naturally.

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