How to Bulk Up Muscle while Retaining a Sculpted Physique

images (2)If you’re wondering how to bulk up muscle and are looking for the “secret” to bodybuilding success, look no further. Truth be told, there really are no secrets to developing a great physique, it takes hard work and dedication in the form of an efficient workout regimen, impeccable lifting technique, and most importantly a good diet plan for gaining muscle. There are two primary forms of dieting in the realm of bodybuilding, cutting and bulking. Understanding the differences between these two diet approaches is critical. What’s the point of working hard in the gym and building up a lot of lean muscle mass, if it’s covered by a layer of flab? Generally bodybuilders will cycle their bulking and cutting phases according to their needs. This is especially the case for competitive bodybuilders that compete and need to be very lean and cut for their competitions. If you’re interested in understanding how to bulk up muscle while staying lean and sculpted, this is the article for you. This article will shed light on the key differences between a bulking diet and a cutting diet so that you can make more educated diet related decisions in your journey towards a great physique.

When on a bulking diet, a bodybuilder is looking to take in more calories than their maintenance level requires of them. By doing this they provide the extra energy the body needs to properly put on lean muscle mass. Macronutrient requirements tend to be higher as well during a bulking phase, as the body needs more of these essential nutrients to properly function through an intense workout regimen and rebuild the body during rest periods. It’s during this bulking phase that a bodybuilder is putting the most effort into exercise to build muscle, and their diet reflects that.

Cutting on the other hand is designed to remove unwanted bodyfat so as to “sculpt” the physique and bring out the natural aesthetics of the musculature. This type of dieting follows a caloric deficit, where the bodybuilder is taking in less calories than their maintenance level requires of them, so that the body is forced to use up stores of fat for needed energy. Despite what you might infer from the implied theme of a cutting phase, macronutrient intake is actually kept fairly close to bulking levels, and most people will continue their lifting regimen, albeit a slightly less intense program, to ensure that they do not lose too much lean muscle mass during the cutting process.

Most of the time a cut follows right after a bulking phase, and the lengths of each phase can vary greatly depending on the specific program the lifter is following. If you’re wondering how to bulk up muscle effectively while staying lean, the proper cycling of phases is the way to do it. As you can see, diet is the ultimate factor in both phases, and will determine the overall effectiveness of your workout plan to gain muscle. If you want to build muscles fast, start in the kitchen!

Hopefully this article helped you move a step closer to answering the question “how to bulk up muscle?” There are no shortcuts, but the more you understand what you’re doing, the quicker you’ll reach your goals.

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