Serious Mass vs Pro Complex Gainer

Optimum Mass is a legend among the protein supplement manufacturers. Its products are amongst the most acclaimed, popular and highest rated in the market. Its two products, Serious Mass and Pro Complex follow suit and keep up with the reputation.

They are both renowned mass gainers. So you have to stop and ask yourself, why would Optimum Nutrition release both products in the same category? How are they different from each other? Which one is best for you? Let’s find out.

The Ingredients That Make Up Pro Complex Gainer and Serious Mass

Since they generally serve the same purpose, you expect them to be composed of the same nutrients, right? That’s true-they are essentially based on the sae nutrients, the proteins, carbohydrates and a cocktail of minerals and vitamins. But their similarity ends there. Going forward, they are very different.

On one side of the scale, Serious Mass is basically a hard-gainer’s formula. Each serving offers you 50g protein and 250g of carbohydrates. When compared to the Pro Complex Gainer, it has less fat and lacks digestive enzymes. It also comes with amino acids that build your muscles such as glutamine and creatine.

On the other end of the scales is the Pro Complex Gainer. This supplement is falls under the category of lean gainers. Each serving of 165g will give you 60g protein and 85g carbohydrate. It also comes with digestive enzymes and healthy fats.

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Both products give the nutritional necessities required for rapid mass gaining. The difference that stands out here is that Pro Complex Gainer comes with a more inclusive protein blend and digestive enzymes. However, for the hard gainers and those who expend a lot of energy, Serious Mass is the preferable option to gain weight.

Comparing Usage

Optimum Nutrition designed both products to be well dosed. However, they have different recommended servings. That of Pro Complex Gainer stands at 165g while Serious Mass more than doubles it, holding its own at 334g.

Pro Complex Gainer and Serious Mass, Differences in Effectiveness

Buy Serious Mass
Buy Serious Mass
Pro Complex Gainer is best suited for lean gainers. These are those who are looking to gain mass through building muscle, and not fat, and additionally have slower metabolisms. On the other end of the spectrum comes Serious Mass, specially designed for individuals with supercharged metabolisms. It’s a high energy protein supplement benefiting people who find it difficult to put on weight. These are the likes of young people and athletes, because their hyperactive bodies convert most nutrients into energy. If you use Serious Mass as directed, you are guaranteed to put on weight.

Comparing and Contrasting the Costs of Serious Mass and Pro Complex Gainer

When you look at the cost per serving, Pro Complex Gainer is slightly cheaper than Serious Mass. But let’s look at this more keenly.

Serious Mass has a larger serving, which is more than twice that of pro Complex Gainer. As such, if you look at the prices from a gram-for-gram perspective, Serious Mass is cheaper.

Both products from Optimum Nutrition deliver what they promise in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why they are popular brand products. However, they are designed for different consumers. Choosing the product that is best suited for you is majorly determined by your unique needs

Pro Complex Gainer is the preference for those looking to put on weight and minimise the amount of fat they add.

On the other hand, Serious Mass is remarkable weight gainer that specially targets the hard-gainers around.

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