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foods after workout

foods after workoutWhen looking for a fitness nutrition guide, chances are you will find a lot of concepts and ideas over the Internet. Some foods keep repeating, while others appear to be miraculous products. You cannot really obtain an explosive muscle growth without the right diet though, not to mention the right exercises. In terms of dieting, knowing what to eat is not everything. Instead, you need to know when to eat it too, not to mention the optimal amounts for growth. Most people can get a good plan for themselves based on the three major meals of the day. But then, what are the best foods after workout?


Effects of Dark Beans


Dark beans represent an actual necessity in your workout diet. They are extremely rich in complex carbohydrates, as well as fibers. If you are a vegetarian, this choice is ideal and should not miss from your diet. It has absolutely no saturated foods. Instead, it has a significant amount of protein. Furthermore, black beans balance the glucose, as well as the cholesterol. Due to the high amounts of phytonutrients, it can prevent particular types of cancer. Therefore, it is not useful as food that helps build muscle only, but also for your overall health.


You do not have to exaggerate with it though. Just try to get two cups of black beans per week or split this amount in small portions for your post workout diet. One cup has about 320 calories.


Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea is not necessarily a food, but it is certainly among the foods after workout. Its primary goal is to accelerate the fat burning process. This choice is even better if you are trying to build muscle while losing fat. It is highly indicated in newbies as well. Other than that, green tea can prevent cardiovascular affections and delay the natural aging signs – including the Alzheimer’s disease.


Have two cups of green tea everyday. One cup has around two calories, so it will not ruin your diet.


Advantages of Eggs


Eggs are among the best foods after workout in fitness workout for men. An egg has 4g of essential amino acids. They are mandatory for a good muscular growth. Besides, they are rich in choline. Other good sources of choline include liver and wheat germ. Choline is essential for a top-notch memory. Sure, this is the last thing you think about when interested in food that helps build muscle. But then, you should also know that eggs are rich in protein. Do not exaggerate with them or they might raise the levels of cholesterol.


According to most specialists, you should get about 7 to 10 eggs a week. One egg has around 75 calories.


Why Drink Milk


Just like green tea, milk is not really a food. If it was, it could have been one of the best foods after workout. Generally speaking, milk is said to be one of the best choices for people who exercise regularly – more or less intensively. Why? Simple! When you get lactates, the body produces more hormones. These hormones determine cells to retain calcium and healthy fats. However, it does not mean that you can exaggerate. Have three cups a day and mix them with the right food that helps build muscle.




In the end, it does not take rocket science to gain muscle with the right diet and exercise, but just planning and education.

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