Simplest Strength And Muscle Building Workout – Three Exercises, 300 Muscles

strength and muscle building workout

strength and muscle building workoutA successful strength and muscle building workout implies using as many muscles as possible. Obviously, some people train in a more organized way. Basically, they work specific muscles on a regular basis. For example, you can work on your arms on Monday and Thursday, as well as you core on Tuesday and Friday. Leave the leg day for Wednesday and take the weekend free. All in all, whether you are a newbie or you train at home, building muscle naturally is a matter of education. There are plenty of building muscle tips out there, yet finding the best strength and muscle building workout solely depends on your necessities.

Some exercises are clearly better than others. From this point of view, you should never overlook three of the best rated exercises in this industry. Three exercises work on not less than 300 muscles. When combined with a diet for building lean muscle too, results become astonishing.

Simple squats with your own bodyweight

This is a classic exercise. Unsurprisingly, it is more common among women, since they know that great and firm buttocks add to their femininity. However, this exercise is just as appropriate for men. These are those old fashioned exercises that you did in the gym class as a kid. Try to perform them in the right way. When down, keep your body in tension for a few seconds, then go up. Perform 10 repetitions, then switch to the next exercise. For more difficulty, you can try squats with one leg or another. Keep the other leg bent at 90 degrees or just rest it on a small chair behind you. These exercises are harder though, so stick to the classic exercise if you are new.

Judo push-ups tackle more muscles in one run

Everyone is familiar with the classic push-ups, yet the judo ones are more complicated and work on more muscles at the same time. The initial position is the classic one. Basically, you have to keep the arms straight. The movement implies putting down your chin and raising the waist until the body looks like a V. Slowly take the waist down and straighten the top part of the body. Push the head and shoulder toward the ceiling. Return to the initial position, then perform 10 repetitions. This strength and muscle building workout focuses on more than just your arms and chest.

Running crunches for extra strength

Running crunches work even better when mixed with a diet plan for gaining muscle. The exercise looks like classic crunches though, yet it is different. Lay down with your arms bent at 90 degrees, just like you would get ready to run toward the ceiling. Perform the crunch by taking the right hand toward the left knee. If you can, touch your knee with the elbow. Do the same for the other side of your body.

This type of strength and muscle building workout implies performing 10 repetitions of each exercise, then taking them in the same order from the beginning.

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