So What is the Best Way to Gain Muscle Exactly?

imagesNo one can deny the importance of proper lifting technique in the overall scheme of bodybuilding. When it comes to building lean muscle mass, beginners are often distracted by things like supplements and advanced routines that they’ve seen in fitness magazines, but they often fail to see the importance of starting small and learning the proper techniques for the most important lifts, particularly the big three, deadlift, squat and benchpress. If you’re wondering, “what is the best way to gain muscle” start with technique. Your diet and workout regimen are very important, but without good technique you’ll most likely end up injured or your results in the gym will be greatly bottlenecked.

Certain workouts are designed to hit specific areas of your body, and when you don’t train properly, you nullify the effects of the workout on the intended muscles. If you really want to see long-term gains, don’t be in a hurry – slow down and allow your body and central nervous system the opportunity to adjust to these new rigorous exercises that you’re putting them through by resting frequently and always working to better your technique. Always start off your workouts with warmup sets, every serious bodybuilder does, and the best workout plan to gain muscle is one that actualizes an understanding and a respect for the body and its limitations. What is the best way to gain muscle you ask? By preserving and enhancing its health first and foremost. If you’re injured in the process of working out, you might have to stop lifting for awhile, and in some of the more serious cases, you may never properly recover from the injury.

So from a more practical perspective, what is the best way to gain muscle? It all comes down to the sustained load that you place your muscles under (sometimes referred to as TUT, or time-under-load in the bodybuilding world). By employing the proper technique when working out, you keep your muscles under the intended load needed to properly break down the fibres and lead to the process of hypertrophy. To give you an example of what happens when proper technique is not utilized, think of someone who is wrongly attempting a bench press by “bouncing” the weight off their chest. You can find a lot of videos of people doing this online, and ultimately these people are fooling themselves. They’ll often press their chests up, coming off the bench, and then bounce the weight off of their bodies, effectively reducing the distance that the barbell has to move to “complete” the rep.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the question “what is the best way to gain muscle” at this point. Having a good diet plan for gaining muscle, a structured workout regimen, perhaps some supplements if needed, and without a doubt, flawless technique. Pushing your limits can be healthy, and is really what we aim to do when bodybuilding, but don’t push things too far. Take your time and ease into the journey of achieving great physical aesthetics as opposed to rushing and trying to build muscles fast and injuring yourself in the process.

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