The Best Things to Eat to Gain Muscle

how-to-gain-muscleAs you may or may not realize depending on your level of experience in weight lifting and bodybuilding, diet is praised as the most critical factor to your success in gaining lean muscle mass during a bulk, or shedding off unwanted fat during a cut. One of the biggest problems beginners are faced with, even after understanding the basics of having a good diet plan for gaining muscle, is what to eat exactly. There are a lot of things to eat to gain muscle, and most of them consist of lean, clean and healthy foods, but this article will help give you an idea of some of the more popular food choices and even some supplements that can help you meet your dietary needs for your own specific muscle building program.

Everyone tends to start at protein, and for good reason. A high protein intake level is crucial for the development of lean muscle mass. The most common food choices you’ll see the satisfy protein requirements would be things like lean chicken breast, tuna and other fish, ground turkey and turkey alternatives like turkey burgers, turkey bacon, and of course red meat in moderation. Another great way to get protein is through supplements like protein powder and protein bars. You really should try to get as much of your macronutrients from real food as possible, but in a lot of cases people prefer to supplement protein powder and/or bars into their diets for the added convenience. A large protein shake can easily pack around 100 grams of protein, which can easily give you around half of your daily protein requirements alone. This could get a little costly however, so it’s important to be aware of that when putting together your plan. Take some time to research the best protein bars for muscle gain that you can find and comfortably afford, as they are even more convenient than protein shakes and can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

Carbs are also very important to your body in general, but especially when we’re subjecting ourselves to frequent amounts of high intensity workouts. Potatoes, pasta, rice and even bread products like bagels can be great for getting carbs into your diet. You don’t have to be super picky with your food selection when it comes to carbs, just try to vary things up a bit and go for the healthier options when you can. In fact, when looking for things to eat to gain muscle, you shouldn’t be too picky in general, as you’re inevitably going to put on some fat during a bulk anyway, so unless you’re planning to compete or something along those lines, having a super clean bulking diet isn’t something to stress over. Exploring different things to eat to gain muscle should be enjoyable and thus sustainable over the long-term, don’t turn it into a chore when it doesn’t need to be.

Last but not least, while it may seem contradictory, if you want to build muscles fast, fat should not be left out. Try to go for healthier fats when you can, but as stated before, don’t be too picky about it. Obviously you should keep your overall health in mind when deciding on things to eat to gain muscle, so don’t take not being picky as an excuse to binge on really unhealthy, greasy foods.

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