The Secrets Behind A Successful Calf Muscle Growth

calf muscle growth

calf muscle growthSome people are born with beautiful body proportions. Others are born with nice pectorals or perhaps a quick metabolism. And then there are people who have beautiful and nicely shaped calves. This is the category you envy. Some bodybuilders never have to do any calf raises or other exercises, yet they display some beautiful muscles from knee to ankle. They look like they have been intensively worked on, yet they have not. Luckily, calf muscle growth is not impossible. There are a few gym workouts to gain muscle out there, as well as some tips and tricks to provide better results.

Calf muscle growth tends to become quite frustrating for those with lack of genetics. But then, there are more causes too. For instance, some people never truly pay attention to their calves. They never focus on them as some major muscular groups. Instead, they are trained as a secondary group. After all, the superior part of the body is the first thing people notice, so that is what people focus on. Intense training, the right gain muscle supplement and exercises will help you build formidable calves. So, what does it mean to give respect to this area? How do you gain muscle mass around your calves?

Several Hints in Calf Growth

Before engaging into calf muscle growth, you should know that calves are quite resistant. They carry your own weight day by day. If you truly want a change, you better attack them fiercely or results will never show up. Traditional training is less likely to work with calves. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks will give you all the required information for a healthy growth.

It is highly recommended to train the calves day by day for around a month. Sure, a normal program is highly indicated as well, but an intense boost is mandatory for a while. You can use about five sets for each workout. If possible, stick to different exercises on a daily basis.

Going to bed is also a good reason to spend 10 minutes or less with some calf training. What do you do then? Easy. Perform a set of 100 slow calf raises. Use your bodyweight only. Do not overcrowd yourself with other weights. Choose maximum burn and keep going until the end.

How about some everyday training? If you can, walk around on the tiptoes. Sure, you cannot do it as you go out or in a mall. But then, you will notice that ballet dancers have some great looking calves. Plus, avoid elevators too. When growing muscle mass, any type of daily activity can become a short workout. When you run into a staircase, take one calf raise up every step. When going down, try stepping on the ball. One again, this is a calf workout.


In the end, calf muscle growth is not impossible, but you have to understand that calves face serious training everyday. If you truly want to see some results, you better push harder than normally.

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