Understanding Diet is the Key to Build Muscles Fast

download (1)The development of a sculpted physique is a gradual process – there really are no quick and easy tricks or secrets to putting on lean muscle mass. The most reliable way to build muscles fast is simply by applying a lot of determination, and being equipped with solid understanding of dietary requirements, workout techniques and knowing how to structure and progress through a workout regimen. Despite what some people may want you to believe, having a muscular and lean body is actually the result of two fairly opposite processes that revolve around diet. You may have heard the terms “bulking” or “cutting” in your research into the world of bodybuilding, and this article will expound on these particular phases of dieting and explain their key differences and importance to an overall physique building strategy. Knowing how to build muscles fast doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t know how to cut unwanted body fat that hides your musculature and all your hard work.

We’ll start with explaining the bulking phase. When you’re in the process of bulking, your main interest is adding as much lean muscle mass as possible, while keeping your diet clean enough to avoid putting on too much fat during your cycle. The key concepts involved in bulking are eating a caloric surplus, and ensuring that your macronutrient intake is ideal for muscle restoration and growth. This includes careful observation of protein, carbs and fat intake. Most bodybuilders will determine their required macronutrient levels by utilizing a rough bodyweight measurement method. While you’re bulking and trying to build muscles fast, you’re engaged in very intense workouts that put a lot of strain on your body in order to initiate hypertrophy. Your body requires a lot of extra nutrients and energy during this phase, so diet is obviously critical. If you’re undereating or not reaching your macronutrient requirements during a bulk, you will most likely have subpar results, and could even experience exhaustion and the side effects of overtraining.

Cutting is just about the polar opposite of bulking, but not quite. While you are taking in less calories during a cutting phase to ensure that your body is forced to take energy from fat storage, you’re still keeping your macronutrients at relatively the same levels to avoid losing too much lean muscle mass. Most bodybuilders will still exercise to build muscle during a cutting phase, but they don’t expect to put on much lean mass, and it’s more for preserving the muscle that you worked for during the bulk.

The lengths of these two phases can vary greatly depending on your goals. If you’re looking to build muscles fast, your bulk phases are usually going to be longer. Keep in mind that any successful workout plan to gain muscle should include deloading periods to give your body and central nervous system a break and a chance to recover from the consistent intense workouts. One of the ultimate muscle building secrets you can employ is to avoid overtraining – there’s no rush, enjoy the journey!

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