Whether a Body Builder or Novice Here Are the Best Foods for Muscle Growth

best foods for muscle growth

best foods for muscle growthMost people are looking for that magical workout or routine that can get them into shape and put muscles on their bodies that they can be proud of. Fitness persons start their day with “I want to build muscle”. This seems to be the objective of a whole generation looking to tone up and have a body that inspires lust and awe in most they encounter.

What many fail to see is that what you take in can play a pivotal role in how well you tone and bulk up their muscles. There are the best foods for muscle growth, if you spend some time looking for them and by making best eating plan for gaining muscle. Actually most are quite common and relatively inexpensive. Here are some of the best things to eat to gain muscle.

Yogurt – this is a food that is very high in two important minerals – vitamin D and Calcium. Both of these play an active role not only in muscle development but also in muscle wellness. This makes yogurt a must have on your diet.

Cottage Cheese – many may not know this, but a serving of cottage cheese provides 28 games of protein, making it one of the best non-meat sources of protein. This food contains a large amount of casein, which is a protein that is released over time. This is the perfect food to have as a late snack making it one of the best foods for muscle growth.

Spinach – Popeye does not have to be the only one that is strong because he ate his spinach. Spinach contains high amounts of several vitamins plus calcium. One of the things that makes this vegetable such a good choice is that it prevents cramping in your muscles. That makes it doubly as important to take into your body.

Oysters and Muscles – yes they are slimy and kind of gross looking, but they are also one of the best foods for muscle growth. With high levels of zinc in both, they help to raise the testosterone level. Plus these foods are both very high in protein helping to replenish what is needed in the body.

Almonds – not only is this a perfect snack because it is so low in calories and fats, it is also very high in protein and fiber. Almonds really help to repair muscles that have been over worked, and help in the muscle building process.

Eggs – this is one of the easy ways to gain muscle. Forget all that baloney about cholesterol. That has already been proven to be overrated. Eggs offer 7-8 games of protein per egg, and at a cost of 15 cents per egg, there is simply no better value out there. For best results boil or scramble your eggs.

Fish – of course fish is a top protein producer, as most meats are you. You can get great protein amounts from chicken, turkey, and lamb, but fish is one step about all of these. It is why so many health experts and gym rats recommend eating fish as part of a proper muscle building regimen.

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